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Old Industry, Innovative Approach

We call it people focus

Machines, manufacturing processes, and technology are all great. But bottom line, all that wouldn’t be possible without people. That’s why if you focus on people, everything else works efficiently. Efficiency then translates into bigger bottom lines, faster product-to-market times, and more productive environments. At SigmaPro, we decided to put people at the core of everything we do.

We love what we do

and most importantly, we love
who we collaborate with.

About Us

Yes we can

Flexibility spurs innovation. And we
are willing to go that extra mile.

Our Competitive Advantage

Quality & Speed, Automated

Our streamlined processes
deliver predictable results.


Precision through

Taking ownership of our work
is the best quality control.

At the Speed
of Business Today

Our speed helps us and our customers
be first to market,
and gain market share.